Abayudaya Support

FJMC Drive to Support the Abayudaya and the Hadassah Primary School

The Seaboard Region of the FJMC established a fund to assist the Abayudaya during the COVID-19 lockdown and in the aftermath of 2022 flooding. Now, we are partnering with the Abayudaya Men’s Club led by Mr. Allan Waluntu Zilaba to help the Hadassah Primary School as it, too, re-emerges from the pandemic. 100% of all funds raised will go directly to the school to support its drive to make capital improvements. Please go to FJMC Abayudaya Support Page to contribute.

Kippot Mitzvah Project

Please see this following project proposal for your child or a child from your synagogue to undertake as their mitzvah project in support of the Abayudaya community. Together we can support this inspirational community while training the next generation of hardworking, generous Jewish leaders.

Click below for a PowerPoint presentation on the project.  Alternatively, you can download a pdf copy of the presentation.

Kippot Mitzvah Project

We are introducing the Abayudaya Kippot Mitzvah Project to the entire FJMC. This initiative has the potential to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Hadassah Primary School and positively impact the lives and futures of hundreds of Jewish children in Uganda. I ask you all to seriously consider publicizing this initiative to your synagogue communities and social circles.

The FJMC has worked with the Abayudaya community in Mbale, Uganda since 2015. By now, many active FJMC members have either met the Hadassah Primary School director, Aaron Moses z”l, at the Miami or DC conventions or you have heard us speak about the community and the importance of our support for the Abayudaya Men’s Club and the Hadassah Primary School.

Always on the lookout for new, creative ways to support the Abayudaya, the FJMC has put together a proposal - please see the above link to a slide deck presentation -, for how our children can affect change in Mbale through their b’nai mitzvah projects. By executing this proposed mitzvah project, they will learn to care for Jews around the world and become empowered to make a real difference.

Please forward this deck to your clergy, religious school directors, b’nai mitzvah coordinators, club members, and even friends outside of the Conservative movement.

It is incumbent upon all Jews to care for each other. This project will show the Abayudaya that they are not forgotten and that they are an important part of Am Yisrael. Our children will benefit from learning about this community and caring for Jews in need.

Please contact me at davidafreiman@gmail.com with any questions about this project. I look forward to the FJMC continuing its support of the Abayudaya for years to come.

Seaboard Region is leading the way to collect and distribute funds raised from the FJMC. Please donate generously to these efforts using this link - http://abayudaya.seaboardfjmc.us/

You may also find additional information on the Abayudaya at this page.