Quality Region Award


FJMC Quality Region Award Criteria

All applications must be submitted no later than May 1, 2023 to Larry Klioze (larryklioze@fjmc.org)

CLUB ACTIVITIES: (Choose any 4)

  1. 50% of clubs have registered online and conducted the World Wide Wrap.
  2. 50% of clubs have paid their dues in full to the FJMC as of the end of February of the current year and less than 1/3 have past due balances.
  3. 50% of clubs have submitted a current and/or updated membership as of May 1st. For your information, dues for the following year are based on the roster detail as of August 31st of each year.
  4. 60% of clubs have, within the last year, have run any FJMC Program (as listed on fjmc.org)
  5. 25% of the clubs sent at least one member to the previous Convention. 25% of the clubs have registered at least one member to the upcoming Convention by May 1.
  6. 50% of the clubs have or will be conducting a Men’s Club Shabbat by May 31 (Friday night, Saturday morning, or both). Please provide the date(s).
  7. 25% of the clubs won the Quality Club Award (QCA) in either of the past two years..
  8. 25% of the clubs share calendar and event information with the region and/or other clubs. Please provide the link to the calendar.


Mandatory: The region has at least one (1) first timer registered for the upcoming International Convention by May 1.

  1. Aid clubs by purchasing, organizing, and/or distributing FJMC Shoah Yellow Candles within the last year.
  2. At least 35% of the region’s executive board attended Leadership Development Institute (LDI), an FJMC Executive Committee or Board of Directors Meeting in the past two years.
  3. The region conducts(ed) or actively participates(ed) in a regional retreat since the previous convention. Please provide the date.
  4. The region has a regular newsletter or other regular communication to the Club Presidents.
  5. The region conducts training sessions other than at retreat for its clubs’ leaders within the last 2 years such as a regional LDI.
  6. The region holds a recognition event for regional and club honorees such as a Man and/or Youth of the Year each year. Please provide the date and the type of the last event held.
  7. Has someone in place as of May 1, to be the next or continuing regional president.  (Person does not need to have the formal title of first vice president but must acknowledge his willingness to serve and his name must be submitted to satisfy this requirement.). Please provide the person’s name.
  8. Has a written and adopted budget for either of the past two program years. Please attach it.
  9. Has a published calendar of activities for either of the past two program years.  Please attach it.
  10. Has an elected FJMC regional officer who is serving on the FJMC Executive Board or actively serving on an International FJMC committee within the last year. Please identify the person and Board or Committee.
  11. Has active discussions about joining FJMC with at least 1 club not affiliated with FJMC during the region’s past two program years.  Please provide Club name and contact information. This cannot be the same Club two or more applications in a row.
  12. Has a designated liaison from the Region Board to each club. Please provide a list.

All applications must be submitted no later than May 1, 2023 to Chairman Larry Klioze, (larryklioze@fjmc.org)

Let's congratulate the following Quality Regions for 2019-21:

CT Valley

Hudson Valley


Middle Atlantic


New York Metro

Northern New Jersey Seaboard