Minyan of Comfort

Minyan of Comfort is a joint project of the FJMC and the Cantors Assembly.  The project involves a lay training initiative coupled with the publication Creating a Minyan of Comfort.

The training and accompanying publication are designed to:

  • Assist synagogues in developing a corps of trained shiva minyanim lay leaders
  • Clarify and share community minhag and halacha
  • Gain familiarity with the various siddurim and other booklets that are often used in a shiva minyan
  • Learn the traditional nusach for each service (e.g. Mincha; Ma’ariv)
  • Gain awareness of any special liturgical needs (e.g. Rosh Chodesh; Al HaNisim; Omer; etc.)
  • Understand the role of menachem avel, comforter of the bereaved
  • Encourage clubs to share and collaborate on their own Minyan of Comfort implementations

Lay training is done by regional FJMC/Cantors Assembly programs. These are typically led by a Cantor or Rabbi and can be arranged through your FJMC Region President or by contacting the FJMC.

Coordinators of this initiative are: Orin Rotman orotman@comcast.net and Sandy Victor sandy_victor@hotmail.com.