Shomrei Ha'aretz / Shepherds of the Land


FJMC / Conservative-Masorti Movement Initiatives



1. Solar Ner Tamid

Symbolically light the Ner Tamid in your chapel or sanctuary with sun power and keep it lit rain or shine with a specially engineered system developed to FJMC specifications.  Click here for a flier and Click here for extra motivational ideas.  Send a note to SH@FJMC.ORG to start the process of bringing a Solar Ner Tamid to your community.

With subsidy from funds collected from FJMC leaders and a donation from Seaboard Region, a synagogue of the Conservative Movement in Beersheva, Israel, installed a solar ner tamid.  The translation of of the caption: “In the synagogue of the Conservative [Masorti] congregation in Beersheva, they replaced the electronic ner tamid with a solar-powered one, which gets its energy from a solar panel which sits on the roof.”  Download the article's picture (it's in Hebrew).

2. Greenfaith / Conservative Movement Energy Conservation Badge of Merit.

Email SH@FJMC.ORG for more information on this education and energy conservation initiative.

3.  Rechargeable Battery Recycling Initiative

Email SH@FJMC.ORG for more information on this initiative for clubs to collect rechargeable batteries and send them in for recycling at no cost to the club.  As you probably know, throwing away batteries is not nice to the environment.  Here is an easy way to make a difference.  For more information and a plyer which gives you can use, click here.

4. Reusable Water bottles

Bottled water is a lose-lose product.  Plastic bottles are wasteful to make from petroleum and become ugly waste wherever we enjoy the great outdoors.  The answer is simple and has immediate payback – keep drinking water, soft drinks are even worse offenders as they also are not healthy, but drink it from a reusable metal bottle.  If you don’t like your tap water use a purifier at home like the Brita.  At work or synagogue replace the big water bottles with a purification system that makes freshly purified water to order.  To ice the cake, try giving up cold water for room temperature water, it is an acquired taste.

To set an example, the FJMC did offer its own FJMC Shomei Ha'aretz water bottle.  Many organizations have since adopted the practice, and the FJMC no longer has the bottle. 

Another alternative to consider is "Boxed Water is Better."