Ma'asim Tovim Award Past Recipients

The Ma'asim Tovim (Doer of Good Deeds) Award is the highest recognition a Region can bestow upon one of its members.  It is usually given to individuals who have worked on behalf of the region for many years.  Past recipients are listed below.  [Note:  As we add the names of past honoree, if you notice an omission, a misspelling or other error, please send this information to  Your assistance in completing this list is most appreciated.]



2017 Video and Biographies

Anshei Dorom Steve Dix
Connecticut Valley Marty Melnick
Florida Elliott Davis
Hudson Valley Andy Alper
KIO Doug Segerman
Lake Ontario Hersh Garnick
Mid Atlantic Leonard Abrams
Midwest Gerald Brin 
New England Stephen Baum
New York Metro Hal Berkowitz
Northern New Jersey Jeff Schulman
Seaboard Mark Berlin
Tri-State Sanford Zaremberg
Western Marc Firestone



2015 Biographies

Anshei Dorom Rabbi David Sirull
Connecticut Valley Don Miller
Florida Jeffrey Litt
Hudson Valley Richard Freiberg
KIO Murray Berkowitz 
Lake Ontario Neil Melman
Great Lakes Richard Racusin
Mid Atlantic Michael Weingram
Midwest Sandy Victor
New England David Kaplan
New York Metro Aaron Altman
Northern New Jersey David Mandell
Seaboard Michael Freilich
Tri-State Warren Sufrin
Western Lew Sternfels



2013 Video

2013 Biographies

Anshei Dorom Steve Krodman
Connecticut Valley Phil Schulz
Florida Marvin Krutchik z”l
Hudson Valley J Harold Nissen
KIO Ronnie Feerer
Lake Ontario Al Mervin
Michigan Hal Baker
Mid Atlantic Dr. Stephen Davidoff
Midwest Evan Rumack, DDS
New England Mark Druy
New York Metro Jay Steinmetz
Northern New Jersey Eric Weis
Seaboard Jeff Moss
Tri-State David Edwards
Western Steve Berger



2011 Video and Biographies

Anshei Dorom Hank Needle
Connecticut Valley Gordon Fain
Florida Ed Margolis
Hudson Valley Dan Hammer
KIO Mark Rosenson
Lake Ontario Stan Greenspan
Michigan Jerry Efros and David Freedman
Mid Atlantic Hersh Muchnick
Midwest Ernie Smolen
New England Ken Turkewitz
New York Metro Michael Harrison
Northern New Jersey Peter Gotlieb
Seaboard Norman Soroko
Southwest David Kalmeyer
Tri-State Brian Cynamon
Western Joel Shrater and Phil Rosenbaum (z”l)



Anshei Dorom Jim Handler
Connecticut Valley Sy Wiesenfeld
Florida Bob Mandel
Hudson Valley Hal Marcus
Lake Ontario Moe Horenfeldt
KIO Dr. Gary Smith
Michigan Mike Balkin
Midwest Steve Lessman
Mid Atlantic Michael Brassloff
New England Mark Rudin
Northern New Jersey Stuart Kaplan
New York Metro Glenn Pollock
Seaboard Ed Rosenzweig
Southwest Jeff Markowitz
Tri-State Dr. Ira Unger
Western Robert Weinstein


Anshei Darom Joe Zendlovitz
Connecticut Valley Lou Saftler
Florida Allan Gottesman
Great Lakes David Goldis
Hudson Valley Irving Ladimer
KIO Michael Steinbuch
Middle Atlantic Larry Allen
New England Richard Gray
Northern New Jersey Al Davis
New York Metropolitan David Scherr
Seaboard Danny Stern
Southwest Morris J Narunsky
Tri-State Steve Neustein
Western Myles Simpson


Anshei Dorom Norman Hanburger
Connecticut Valley Jon Kelman
Florida Gerry Rosenberg
Hudson Valley Bruce Sicherman
Great Lakes / Lake Ontario Robert Kaplan
KIO Henry Mentle
Midwest Rodney Urgent
Mid Atlantic Larry Sobel
New England Lester Macklin
Northern New Jersey Lance Adelson
New York Metro Barry Goodman
Seaboard Allan R. Kahan
Southwest David Gerstein
Tri-State Milton Eisner
Western Larry Weiderhorn


Great Lakes Tom Sudow
Mid Atlantic Milton Pomerantz
New England David Kravitz
Northern New Jersey Stan Schnitzer
New York Metro Hy Diamond
Seaboard Jack Mizansky
Tri-State Edwin Hackman
Western Ken Elfand


Anshei Dorom Alan Sussman
Florida David Roshkind
Great Lakes Harvey Nussbaum & David Schreiber
Midwest David Solomon
Mid Atlantic Reuben Rochvarg
New England Mel Saftler
Northern New Jersey Harold Grant
Southwest Abe Greenberg
Tri-State Arnold Lazarus
Western Bernard Cohen


Florida David Rose
Great Lakes Allen Brown & Alan Levenson
KIO Michael Mills
Midwest Norman Kurtz
New England Irwin Sydney
Northern New Jersey Bob Levine
New York Metro Leonard Katz
Southeast Eugene Sacks
Southwest Irwin Barath
Tri-State Sanford Danovitz
Western Sidney Katz


Great Lakes Paul Wolf & Ben Clemens
Mid Atlantic Ray Lourie
New England Joseph Winokur
Northern New Jersey Morris Roth
New York Metro Leonard Gimbel
Seaboard Harry Bodansky
Tri-State Jerry Fenster
Western Murray Cohen


Florida Phil Redish
Great Lakes Morton Pullan & Aaron Godenberg
Midwest Jerome Agrest
Mid Atlantic Lee Linder
New England George Marshall
Northern New Jersey Norman Kurtz
New York Metro Robert Barrett
Southwest Stephen Cole
Western Morton Goldstein


Florida Gary Dalin
Great Lakes Harry Shankman
Mid Atlantic Ben Solomon
New England Burt Fischman
Northern New Jersey Harvey Marks
Northeast Raphael Fleming & Norman Sirota
New York Metro Stan Nevelt
Seaboard Jack Lish
Southwest Bobby Most
Western Abe Silver


Florida Abraham Mellitz
Great Lakes irving Weintraub
Mid Atlantic Leroy Sattler
New England Leo Shufrin
Northern New Jersey Max Resnick
Northeast Alec Fineberg
New York Metro Harold Nissen
Seaboard Region Seymour Alloy
Western Jules Porter


Great Lakes Abraham Satovsky
Midwest Sidney Reisberg
Mid Atlantic Bernard Frankel
New England Manny Dobruisin
Northern New Jersey Irv Solomon
Northeast Joseph Stone
New York Metro Herb Reiders
Southwest Julius Israel
Western / Pacific Southwest Robert Rockoff & Joseph Rasky


Great Lakes Harry Berns & Sam Shulman
Mid Atlantic Milton Greenfield & Alfred Tesonero
New England Jacob Sieve
Northeast Issie Cohen & Jack Lauber
New York Metro Milton Mandel
Seaboard Milton Metzger
Western / Pacific Southwest Morris Shurman


Great Lakes Carl Lichtenstein
Midwest Harry Pick
New England Joseph Rosenshine
Northeast Hyman Brodkin & Isaac Levy
Seaboard Harold November
Western / Pacific Southwest Herman Braunstein