WWW Registration

Club or Organization Registration for WWW

If you want to describe your Wrap you must logon. You may do so at the upper right corner of this page where it says Login. After doing so, you have a choice to 1) Continue to log in, 2) Create new account, or 3) Request new password.  (You may alternatively click these highlighted links.)

Also, please check at Registered Congregations and Organizations in the menu to the left that no one else has already registered your club. For the latest materials on running the wrap, on Build-A-Pair, and videos, got to the new Wrap site

Club Name
Type your club name, our system will show the affiliated or clubs which requested to be part of the wrap. When you see your club click on the line. Hint, if your club does not come up try your city.

If your club or organization is not affiliated with the FJMC. we welcome your participation in the World Wide Wrap. Please send an email to webmaster@fjmc.org with the information about your group, the president and your wrap chairman, we will add you to the list.


Club President
Logon Required
Logon Required